Club Penguin Beginners Tutorial

Beginers Club Penguin Guide:

Blue PufflePuffles:

Puffles are the animals that hang around with you on Club Penguin. There are a range of colours in puffles. Each colour puffle has a different personality. You can buy a puffle at the Pet Shop on Club Penguin for 800 coins. They take alot of looking after and they cost alot of coins. Most of the times you log onto Club Penguin you need to take them for a walk and feed them. If you don’t care for them they will run away.

All penguins can adopt 2 puffles each in blue or red.

Members can adopt up to 16 puffles in 8 different colors.

Mini Games LogoMini Games:

Mini Games are just about the only way to earn coins on Club Penguin. There are alot of games on Club Penguin – The Club Penguin games are pretty simple. One of the most popular games on Club Penguin is Card-Jitsu, It’s a real life game but Club Penguin have made it there own. Anouther top game on Club Penguin is Bean Counters. All of the Club Penguin games are brilliant and there’s almost one in every room.

Your-PenguinYour Penguin:

You’re penguin is the thing that let’s you play Club Penguin basicly, Without a penguin you cannot play Club Penguin. You can buy stuff from catalog’s on Club Penguin if you a member – If your not a member you’re called a non-member that means you cannot buy stuff from catalogs. You’re thinking well my mom and dad wont let me become a member so there’s no point in playing the game, well think no further – Club Penguin gives away a free pin every 2 weeks – Now you’re thinking what’s a pin? A pin is like a icon on your Club Penguin playercard. Aswell sometimes Club Penguin gives away free items at partys on Club Penguin. They also have a bunch of backgrounds that non-members can buy to – you can find them background in any Club Penguin catalog at the back of the catalog – They are 60 coins each.


Club Penguin is packed with secrets like hidden items. In most of the Club Penguin catalogs you can find some hidden items. Can you remember when I told you about Club Penguin pins? Well they are hidden items to, you have to hund around Club Penguin trying to find it – Or you could just cheat and visit this site to see where it is!


Club Penguin servers are really cool because if every penguin was on the same server on Club Penguin every room would be full – There’s 7 million penguins and more on Club Penguin. So if you and you’re friends wanted to meet up on Club Penguin you should say meet me at sherbet server. Ther’es over 45 Club Penguin servers. Servers are like rooms on Club Penguin but there alot bigger and you can’t see them.

Dance’s and movement:

You can dance and waddle around on Club Penguin – You can waddle up to outher penguins and you can dance about. Here’s how to dance on Club Penguin: Step one: Click the blue penguin sitting down button on your chatbar. Step two: click on the dance you want. Step Three: Look at your penguin and you should be dancing.


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