A Penguin With 15,000 + Hits That Puts His All Into His Club Penguin Blog, Quits.

Hello Penguins,

I’m here with a story that could change this site forever.

Month’s ago my rarest ever penguin, Akon 59, Got banned forever. He was a awesome penguin with a Red Lei and 1,000 + days old. When Akon 59 officialy got banned forever I thought my Club Penguin time was over but it wasn’t, My friends and most of my family supported me to come back better than ever, I was back and rocking the island. I came back and I was in a video production called Thunder Productions and it got very popular, With over 590 subscribers we were ruling Club Penguin! I thought I got back on top of the hackers and my site was just getting popular and popular by the day, But, It’s to much. I work on this site all day and most of the night, I even bunk of homework to work on this site. It’s fair to say Club Penguin’s just boring for blogging.

Here’s the message of this post:

I quit.

I’m still going to make a YouTube video about Club Penguin now and again but my blogging times over. I’m moving onto gaming sites! I’m working on Xbox 360 games gide site!

I just hope 15,000 + views where for my hard work.

– Tmann93, Main Owner-


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