Screenhog’s Ultimate Fall Fair 09 Scavenger Hunt!

Screenhog posted a brend new scavenger hunt for the Club Penguin Fall Fair 2009 on the Club Penguin Blog. It’s been a sweet party and it’s getting even better =) Here’s the stuff you have got to find.

SH 09

Here’s a list of them.

  1. 5 penguins, including one with huge muscles
  2. 3 saddles in one room
  3. A popcorn stand
  4. A caramel apple
  5. A place to scoop out cotton candy
  6. Over 300 balls in one room
  7. A wall of cactus
  8. A spinning blue puffle
  9. A spinning green puffle
  10. A room that has only a single color of balloons (any other room with balloons has them in more than one color)
  11. The Great Puffle Circus

That’s going to be hard! I have alredy done it but it’s not going to be as fun for you guys if I post the cheats! will officialy be going self-hosted on 12th Semtember, We will be down for about a day. Thanks!

– Akon 59,


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